Educational Building Construction

McTech's experience has shown that educational facilities are becoming increasingly specialized. For example, we have come to understand that classrooms intended for preschoolers are fundamentally different from those that best serve high school seniors or the training of mid-career professionals. Today, even the traditional idea of "classroom" as an instructor-focused learning space is changing. The growth of computer-based instruction, video projection and other telecommunication requirements is causing us to rethink traditional educational patterns and spatial relationships.

From an environmental perspective, concerns for the health and well-being of students - particularly young students - are increasing interest in the improved performance and fabric of school structures. Strategies including day lighting, the specification of sustainable and non-toxic building materials and the use of renewable energy sources are gaining attention in school design. At the same time, resources for the construction, maintenance and upkeep of educational facilities remain in short supply.

McTech has experience in all facets of educational facility construction including: K-12 School Buildings: Colleges & Universities: Sustainable Schools, High-Performance School Buildings, Renovated or Replaced School Buildings and as equally important, Schools as Centers of Community.

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