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Areas of Expertise: Construction Management, General Contracting


Recognized as one of our region's leading firms providing comprehensive services for the built environment.

Since our founding, McTech Corp has established a professional presence characterized by exceptional performance. We have been entrusted with many significant projects from some of the finest institutions in the nation. We have "built solid relationships" with clients - by design. These long-standing bonds make it possible for us to offer our clients a more profound understanding of their needs, which, in turn, allows us to create solutions that transcend the ordinary. Although we are gratified by the quality of our construction projects and the awards they have received, these accomplishments reveal only one dimension of the unique character of our firm.

Construction Management

McTech Corp’s construction managers strategically assess and balance priorities, particularly in busy markets where many projects complete for the client’s time and attention. Each construction manager will make your project more attractive to bidders by ensuring that the bid documents are as thorough, complete, and clear as possible allowing for the correct risk evaluation.

Ongoing evaluation featuring coordination of early constructibility review and value engineering exercises allows for the plans to be developed based on scope, cost, schedule, and communications. You can rely on McTech Corp to incorporate a cost reduction strategy without sacrificing the owner or architect’s design intent.

Minority Construction Management Partner

As a Minority Construction Management partner, McTech Corp will know that solid strategies in construction management add value that can be measured beyond the scope of hard values reflected in integrated project management of design, execution, design milestones, and innovative quality standards. Added will be the intangible value establish by community outreach and inclusion, local employment, and neighborhood activism. 

McTech Corp Known For Exceptional Performance

McTech Corp remains a vital force in our region including work in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, New York, and Texas. This national presence reinforces our mission to continue to grow and to be recognized as a leader in our field.

Integrated Project Delivery

Over the past 50 years, the construction industry has suffered from productivity decline resulting in projects being behind schedule and over budget. This has caused adverse relationships between the project partners – developer/owner, general contractor, and engineer or architect.

Seeking Efficiency
Seeking Efficiency

Seeking efficiency and involvement of people, systems, business structures, and best practices throughout all phases; from design to construction.

Working Together
Working Together

Relying on all partners of varying disciplines to work together in common interest.




Communicating on a regular basis to facilitate the best interest of the completed project, elimination of waste in time and materials, and client satisfaction.

Utilizing IPD, McTech has worked as part of the CM Team for the ongoing MetroHealth transformation Project in Cleveland, OH. 

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